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Dress Code and Dining Guidelines

We invite you to join us for a lovely dining experience in a comfortable environment.

To enhance the experience of all our guests we ask that you respect our dress code and dining guidelines.


           Smart, Respectful Attire is strongly encouraged for both men & women 

  • For Gentlemen, please wear shirts with sleeves - no tank tops or cut-off shirts

  • We consider Flip Flops & Team Athletic Attire too casual for our restaurant & is strongly discouraged


While we acknowledge that mistakes happen & we are happy to correct any errors made by our staff. 

However, we do not enjoy throwing away properly made food or drinks, simply because you

"do not like it" or "it's not what you thought it would be". 

So to prevent any issues, please inform your server before you order if you have a sensitive palate

(this includes cocktails & food) or specific dietary needs (gluten, celiac, allergies, etc...)


While we consider special requests, modifications cannot always be honored as they can impact the flow

of our kitchen and the integrity of many dishes.

Please notify us of any allergies. We are very concerned for your well-being and not all ingredients are listed on the menu.

Please be respectful of those around you - we request any cell phone conversations be taken to the lobby or outside.

Out of consideration for other guests who are waiting to be seated, we may ask to move your group to

an available bar table if a significant amount of time has passed. We typically will never make this

request short of 30 minutes after you've completed your dining experience.